Thursday, November 17, 2011

Every Day I'm Shufflin...

...or at least that is how it feels when it come to my daily runs. After having such a huge month on October (113 miles) I have had a tough November. Like this morning for example, I did not want to run. After the first mile, I considered calling it quits. After the second mile I really thought about calling it quits and after the 3rd mile, I stopped. Flat out stopped.

I am 15 days out from my first marathon and I really don't want to go out and run, but I need too. I have decided that I am going to do something, even if I do not feel like it. I have to get out there.

I went to see a buddy of mine who is a triathlete guru. He is fast and has won his AG in many races. he always gives me a kick in the but and it usually helps gets my head back in training mode. One thing we talked about was run cadence. I have never even thought about run cadence, so I had alot to learn. Basically, I see that my run cadence should be 90 and I should keep my heartrate around 150 for my marathon. The 90 cadence has something to do with higher turnover and it helps you land correctly on your foot as best I understand it.

Well, I tried to find my cadence and let me say this, it's not easy counting your cadence while running. that was alot harder than I figured it would be. On my first correct count, my cadence was 84, so I worked on trying to speed it up to 90. It took some doing and it felt unnatural to me and my HR stayed around 154 give or take, so I felt like I was within the correct range. All other research I see on run cadence goes both ways, some say to count it, others say to let your natural stride come into play. I think it is a little to late to try and change anything for my marathon though, but it does give me something else to while plugging along the road.

This weekend I am heading to my folks house for Thanksgiving. Being in retail really puts a damper on Thanksgiving Day (be nice to the retail workers if you go out on Black Friday). while at their house, I am planning on running on a trail I used to run in college. I am hoping this while help me get that thrill back and enjoy the run!

Lastly, here is a video going around the internet showing how fast an elite marathoner runs. Ryan Hall is featured in the video. Enjoy!


  1. I have had my days of flat out stopping as well. Right before the Marine Corps marathon, I didn’t even want to move. Good news though: This too shall pass. It might take getting to the starting line...or the finish line, but you will get your drive back.

    Love the video! I’d hate to see my virtual runner at marathon pace. haha

  2. Tempo Trainer! It's a metronome that you put under your swim cap but it's got a clip you can use for running as well.
    I saw a clip of a pro finishing a race this past year either 1st or 2nd and I'm pretty sure she was using a metronome on the run.
    Don't sweat the missed miles. From what I can see, you've got the fitness to do this. Get the miles in that feel right and get back to being excited about race day.

  3. Cadence is a good subject to become familiar with in your running. I am working with my wife right to increaase her cadence as she tends to overstride. Work on it and it will get easier.

    I used to overstride quite a bit coming from a sprinter/football background so implementing cadence drills into my training has made me a pretty efficient runner.

    Just count your stride for 15 seconds and the times it by 4. Much easier then trying to count for a whole minute!


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