Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Have Not Mastered The Masters Swim Class

Today I went to my first ever Masters Swim Class. I had been wanting to join one for awhile but never wanted to just show up. A buddy of mine that I train with said he was going this week and said I should show up, so I decided to give it a try.

I admit, I was nervous.

I was not sure what to expect. I was told I should bring my fins and goggles only. The more I thought about it, I kept thinking, "I can swim, all we are doing is swimming, I should be able to handle this". So when I got to the gym and changed clothes, I walked out to the pool and talked to the lifeguard for awhile before the class started. I got in and swam some to claim my lane until my buddy got there and we ended up sharing a lane, which was not a problem because he is super fast compared to me. So without further delay, here is how it went:

3 x 100 at 2:00
1 minute rest
3 x 100 at 1:50
1 minute rest
3 x 100 at 1:40
1 minute rest

10 x 25 kick with fins at 30 seconds
1 minute rest

300 yd Pull breathing every 4th stroke

3 x 100 at 1:50 x3
10 second rest

Roughly 2400 yards. It was a killer. Needless to say I did not make all the times. The 1:40 100's were the toughest for me, and I got behind. I also struggled on the 25 yd kicks in 30 seconds. I knew my kick was weak, but this surprised me. I also got left behind on the final sets of 100's.

All in all though, while this workout was tough for me, it was also fun. The coach gave me some useful tips which made sense. He said my stroke looked more like a windmill, which was wrong. So he showed me the right way and even helped me with my push off the wall. (Biceps behind ears hands sandwiched) This was tough for me to get my biceps behind my ears also!

Overall this workout was also humbling for me. I thought I was in a lot better swim shape than I am. I wasn't the last or the slowest swimmer by any means, but it also showed me I need a lot of work on my stroke. I think I will continue this class once a week at least and I expect it to make me a much stronger swimmer.


  1. Sounds like a tough workout! I have avoided out masters team for exactly that same reason! Good for you!

  2. 10x25 kick?????? geez oh pete, what is your coach trying to do to you!!!

  3. Masters swim workouts are by far the best thing to make you faster!!! Keep at it, it's worth it!

  4. Being humbled by a workout is always a step in the right direction! Great job giving it a go and walking out of there a stronger swimmer!


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