Monday, January 18, 2010

Am I better at Racing or at Training for a Race???

9 weeks from yesterday (Jan 17) I will be running my first ½ marathon. This is something I have been working towards because I want to have a 13 miler under my belt before my HIM. So I have been running. I have been doing 2 4-5 milers during the week and a longer 7-9 miler on the weekend. I know now that I can cover the 13 miles needed to finish the race, the only question I have, Is how fast can I do this?

I like to set time goals for myself on race days. This way it doesn’t matter on if I podium (LOL like I have a chance!), it only matters if I can beat my goal. This is always much easier to do when you have ran that particular race before. Since I have never raced this distance before, I am having a hard time setting a goal.

Or maybe I am not having a hard time setting a goal; maybe I just do not want to set a goal. I mean, I really would love to finish this sucker off in under 2:00. This would mean I would need to run about 9 minute miles or so, which is doable. Right now I am not in the mindset of pushing myself to hit 9:00 miles for longer runs. Yesterday I ran 8 miles in 1:19 and I had a 9:51 pace, which is not that good. That would have meant the last 5 miles would need to be ran at an 8:00 mile.

I have been reading race reports of other ½ marathoners on and majority of them finish under 2 hours. I want to be less than 2 hours. I think I need to be less than 2 hours for me to feel like I am making the improvements I should be making after 2 seasons of Tris. I have always thought I was better at training for a race than I was at racing a race.

The more I am typing this, the more I am getting a “HTFU” typed of attitude towards this race. I have roughly 9 weeks to prepare, 9 weeks to get better and faster. So I am making a statement to all who read this. I WILL FINISH IN LESS THAN 2 HOURS! Mark my words.


  1. You know racing has a way of making you speed up. As long as you properly taper, your legs and body will be fresh. You will get caught up in the spirit of the race and you will run the first couple of miles much faster than you think you will.

    You can do it. Keep following your training plan and you will make it!

  2. great blog just started following. Have you tried incorporated sprints. I know that help me go a little much though. I have my first half coming up this Sunday as well and I signed up for same reason, preparation for Rhode Island 70.3 in July! Good Luck!

  3. I too signed up for a half marathon in preparation for a 70.3 race. I ran the race yesterday. While I am very competitive with myself, this distance was an unknown to me. I was reminded over and over to enjoy it.. have fun. So, that is what I did. It was painful (walking up and down stairs is challenging today) but I ran the whole distance without walking one step. I didn't have that goal when I started the race and while I will never be close to your times or many of the people who post their times on BT, I still feel that it was a sucessful day.
    So I pass along the message I was given. Enjoy it and have fun. (and don't be to hard on yourself :) )

  4. Mike, I totally know what you mean about race day excitement! A few tears ago I started a 5K up front and took off with the big dogs, we got to the first mile and I heard them call out 5:10! I had never run that fast before and knew I was cooled for theremaining two miles! lol

    Whitarican, Good Luck with your race this weekend! Thanks for reading!

    Kathleen, great job is running the entire thing. I have had races where that was my number one goal! I will try to remember your message of having fun! (Just think i will have more fun if I get under 2 hours!) ;)

    Thanks for reading!!

  5. JT -- great comments on BT. Man there are some crazy people up there...


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