Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April is Over! Bring on May

April's totals:
Bike: 5h 31m 43s - 104 Mi
Run: 4h 43m 41s - 29.43 Mi
Swim: 8h 19m 19s - 14.01 Mi
Strength: 4h 36m - 1,665 Push ups

2008 Totals
Bike: 8h 37m 29s - 112 Mi
Run: 15h 03m 36s - 95.92 Mi
Swim: 28h 32m 12s - 45.78 Mi
Strength: 12h 28m unknown count

Total distance for swimming, running and biking: 353.70 miles


  1. Bike: 8h 37m 29s - 112 Mi
    Run: 15h 03m 36s - 95.92 Mi
    Swim: 28h 32m 12s - 45.78 Mi

    What a beast!?! I had high hopes for April, but that obviously got derailed. I'm shooting for 50 miles running in May. I also have to figure out a way to get a little faster. I always run my 3.2 in the same time. Guess I could add some distance, but I don't think that will increase my

  2. Run faster!

    No, I can think of a couple things to suggest, but if they do not work, no refunds!

    1. Change your route. I get bored running the same route everyday.

    2. Chane the time of day you are running. Try running after work one day and se what you think. I know I tend to run faster in the evenings than if I ran in the morning.

    3. Get the wifey a bike and have her go with you (might have to resort to #2 for this to work) but get her involved. You can get a bike seat for your baby or a jogging stroller.

    4. Run intervals. Run harder for a minute, then normal pace, then harder. Push it and make it hurt!!

    Again there are no refunds on any of this advice!

  3. Once I get my "wheels realigned" I'll try your suggestions.

    Also, how'd the Toad Suck invitational go? Did you suck a lot of toads, or just a few? ;-)

  4. It was a no-go on the ToadSuck 5K. The night before there were som many storms passing through that I did not want to drive my family through all that weather. So, we decided to go to Conwat on Sat and spend the day! I am just glad I never officially signed up and paid the entry fee!


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