Monday, April 28, 2008

2008 NFL Draft Review

Alright, I know my NBA Playoff analysis blew everyone’s mind, so I know you are all waiting to hear what I though about the 2008 NFL Football Draft. So now that the draft is finally over, Memphis will break it down and let you know all you need to know about the picks and the impact they will have on next season, and all this information I am giving to you, is absolutely free!!

1. Miami Dolphins- Jake Long-Michigan- The Dolphins will still suck!
2. St. Louis Rams- Chris Long-Virginia- Howie’s kid &they will also still suck.
3. Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan-Boston College- Yeah they will suck and it will be painful for him!
4. Oakland Raiders-Darrin McFadden-Arkansas- Best pick in the draft, future superstar, future legend. Alone McFadden will improve the Raiders record by 4 games. Trust me.
5. Kansas City Chiefs- Glen Dorsey- LSU- Chiefs will suck again.
6. NY Jets- V. Ghoulston- Ohio St- no idea who he is but the Jets will still suck!

Ok, you get the idea yet? Let me jump down to pick 22, the Dallas Cowboys.

22. Dallas Cowboys- Felix Jones- Arkansas- Most likely the second best pick of the draft! Felix is one fast, quick elusive back that will come in and make a huge impact for the Cowboys. He could be the missing piece for the SuperBowl!

227. Denver Broncos- Peyton Hillis-Arkansas- Another great pick here, although late in the draft, they get a steal. Hillis has the hands speed and work ethic to be a star in the NFL! The Broncos are lucky he was still around after 226 picks!!

248. Chicago Bears- Marcus Monk- Arkansas- Big tall receiver with great speed, you probably did not hear much about him in college because we had D-Mac and The Cat to run first (McFadden and Jones). Only concern here is that the Bears do not have a good QB.

Ok so the only teams that you can expect an improvement from next year are the Raiders, Cowboys, Broncos and Bears. All the other teams blew their draft picks.

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