Monday, May 5, 2008

My New Favorite Commercial!

I have often told Mrs. Memphis that I should be a commercial advisor because I always find something wrong or just plain ignorant in commercials on TV. Well, I have found a commercial that just "keeps it sexy". (Doesn't really mean what it says, but it is my new saying which I will explain another time). So for your viewing pleasure...

Now there are some things I have to point out. First off, how many times when I was a young teen, after asking my father to buy something for me, did he blow up the trash can? NOT NEAR ENOUGH! How cool would that have been? I would have been asking for some crazy stuff, like a monkey or something! Extra points here for getting pyrotechnics in the garage video! If I asked my dad something and he answered, "I can't take it anymore...", man, I was running! And I love it when the kid bites the bottom lip and nods to the beat of his dad, the man, the legend named Meatloaf!

I also would be remiss if I did not mention this, what the heck is Tiffany doing bringing in a leg of lamb to the refrigerator?? I have no idea what that is exactly or worse, where it came from?

Now, nothing is sweeter than your son saying he'll "love you till the end of time..." and you can see that honest, non scripted look of joy on Meatloaf's face. What a moment. Sigh, I hope to buy my son's love with a simple GO! phone one day!

Now, I know you were not expecting the special extended mix of this were ya? I know, no need to thank me.

And here is Tiffany again,still packing away the meat, evidence, I'm not sure. Tiffany, keeping in true Meatloaf form brings us all back down for a minute, and calms us all with a peace dove. Awwwwwwwwwww!

Until little Meatloaf gets the stage to himself and drives that beat hard to have his own Footloose, Napoleon Dynamite moment! The vision of the parents floating heads while little Meatloaf dances in the middle is moving! And what is this about Milwaukee?

Anyways, I love this commercial!

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