Saturday, January 4, 2014

What's Up 2014? Well Let Me Tell What's Up!

I really thought about doing a year end review post followed with a 2014 goal laced post, but I wasn't feeling it, and the 2014 New Years goals are overrated. I think it is time to make some goals not related to my vanity! As far as the Year end review post,  I mean I had a great year in 2013 in many more ways than just becoming an Ironman. 2013 was a great year for my family. We are all healthy, we have no major problems to complain about and things are going well, God has been good to us!

And as I look at 2014, there really aren't too many races than are jumping out at me. I have found out that I really enjoy the longer courses more than the Sprint races. I plan on doing the Memphis in May Olympic race, a HIM and the Memphis Marathon. I need a good marathon so I can whoop Brad when we go head to head at the Redman Full in 2015. I am not saying these are the only races I will be doing, but these are the only definite ones.

I am sort of running into an issue planning which HIM I want to do. For the last couple of years, my bigger race has always landed around mine or my sons Bday's. I am 9/7, he is 9/22. I have always hated being away form the kids or dragging them from home on his Bday so I can race, but he swears he likes it, so this year I wanted to make sure we were home around those dates, but my options are limited. Here are the three HIM I am considering:

1. Atomic Man Triathlon- The race is about three hours away and is a HIM distance. It is in late Aug, so it would work. Only thing about it is their are some hills on the bike, and after Branson 70.3, I swore off hills.
Plus it has a cool name!!!

2. Goosepond Half Triathlon- This is down in A L A B A M A! The race is scheduled for Sept 7, my Bday. I have heard a lot of good things about this course, so we will see.

3. Redman Half- Now Brad, or as I will refer to him going forward as B-rad, is looking at doing the half so he can learn the course for our big showdown in 2015. The half would be fun, but it is on Jake's Bday Sept 22. So that is a long shot.
Future name : B-Rad Beatdown City
So decisions will need to be made this year. I have some good future posts coming up about my wife and her journey into triathlon, me getting a trainer (for like weights and stuff) and other goodies for 2014!  See ya soon!

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  1. As a Nuclear Engineer, both in education and career, I firmly support AtomicMan. It would be conflicting with a goal race I hope to do this year, but if that doesn't pan out, the name alone is quite tempting.


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