Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'm Bringing Sexy Back & I know It!

This is how I feel at the weight room
As I alluded to in my last post, I will be working with a trainer in 2014, well at least for the first couple of months anyways. So just beware, I am Bringing Sexy Back!!! (My wife says it never left, at least that is what I interpret her saying when she says I got fluffy) This has put me in a very thought provoking frame of mind, or an uneasy mindset. I am not really afraid about working out with somebody, it's more of the fact that I do not see myself as a weight room type of guy. I am not a weight room loving, lifting weights in the mirror, sleeveless hooded sweatshirt wearing, yelling at myself type of dude! I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I was in a weight room... maybe in college? I am not sure. I walk by the machines and I really have no idea what I am suppose to be working on some of them, so my trainer's work is cut out for her!

I know this will help me greatly in my racing. I know I need a stronger core, and as I learned from last year, doing 10,000 crunches over a couple months did not give me the benefit I was looking for. I know I want to get stronger but not bigger, so basically I am looking to get lean. Which is exactly what I told my trainer, and her response was, well that also comes from diet!  Whoaaa!!! I do not want anyone messing with my diet! I recently read where some dude lost 40 lbs by only eating at McDonalds!!! (2 all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun!!!)  So I am assuming I will really need to eat better and healthier, and I should since I am paying for this.

And you know that the best way to get motivated for any race is to pay the entry fee, I am all in. I am ready for Bosu balls (I think, sounds a little scary), ropes, body weight activities, kettle ball, medicine ball and stability balls. I will be sure and whine blog about my workouts, to keep everyone up to speed, and give you fair warning, cause summer will be here before you know it!

A Speedo on the beach this year!!!!

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  1. I love that second picture....totally something I would do!

    I think your new training plan will make all the difference in your core!

    I totally want to try that McDonald's Diet! Sign me up :)


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