Saturday, January 18, 2014

I was Assessed...

As I told you guys in my last post, I have started working out with a trainer twice a week. It is something I have always wanted to do, so I finally pulled the trigger and signed up. I let her know what I wanted to accomplish and that I wanted the exercises we do to benefit my triathlons, and she said she could come up with a plan which is always exciting! However, with the start of any plan, you need to be able to have a starting point, a place of measurement for lack of a better term, a way to tell how much progress you have made throughout the workouts, so we started with the dreaded health assessment.

 Remember, I have basically been fat and happy through November and December, so I was not looking forward to this.


 It started with blood pressure. Yawn, boring, then we went to measure my bicep strength. Now we are all friends and I can be honest on here right? Well my bicep strength ranged in the poor ranking. "James, your bicep strength is considered when measure against other makes your age" Quote. I decided to tell myself that luckily triathlons do not require a lot of bicep strength to make me feel better but it was still embarrassing to hit anything in the poor category, so there goes my arm wrestling career. Next up, flexibility.

Oh great!

 Flexible is not a word used to describe me, in any way. So I was not looking forward to doing the Sit & Reach assessment at all. So what it is basically is that you sit on the floor, legs forward and see if you can reach past your toes. I was hoping to make it to my toes honestly, however, I was genuinelly surprise that I scored a 10.5, which places me int he fair category! Yeah , not bad, even went past my toes, and then I could still get up and walk around! Next up was Body Composition.


This is the one I have been dreading. I know I have gained some pounds and I really wanted to skip this instead of hearing someone say "you weighed in at XXXlbs and have XXX% body fat" because then I would hear the unsaid whispered barbs "you really did a 140.6? what did you do waddle all the way to the finish line? more like aluminum man than Ironman!" Now I know that my trainer would in no way ever think those words, but I did. So here are my body composition numbers: Remember I did Redman at 183 lbs

Body Weight: 196 lbs 
Lean Body Mass: 166 lbs 
Fat Mass: 30 lbs 
Body Fat percentage: 15.3%

Yessssssssssssssssss! I was thrilled and shocked. I am only .2 away form the low category! I wasn't happy about the 13 lbs I have picked up, but I was relieved that was all. I was actually expecting to be in the 25% BF category, so this was good news. This was news that made me want to eat right and jump into my training. As a matter of fact, I was so excited that I just had to do the Dougie, so I jumped on my bike...

Next post will be more about Monster rope workouts, my love/hate relationship.


  1. Congrats on the low body fat! Mine is way higher than that. It will be cool to see your progress.

  2. They have a new machine here in town called the BodPod and I've thought about hopping in to see my numbers. I just have to work up the courage :)

    You're better off than you thought you were. You'll be back at it and as good as you were before too long! Spring is just around the corner.


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