Monday, July 22, 2013

This Ford Was Out of Gas!

I had a good weekend of training. It started on Friday and a 3400 yd swim that felt good. Saturday morning was the Graduation 5K race for the Run for God group my wife and I lead at our church! I am so proud of each one of those runners, they all did great and we even had 2 award winners! So after the 5K, I took Stella (my bike) out for a 2.5 hour ride outside on the Greenline! It was awesome and hott, so I ran out of water or I would have gone further. So Sunday morning rolls around and I am planning a 10 miler that morning before church. So I set my alarm for 5AM and I am out running by 5:40 (Yeah I hit the snooze a time or two, but it was planned out that way).

It was the worst run I have had in a really long time. I only managed about 5 miles in 1:15!!!

And I know why!

Here is what I ate on Saturday:
  • water before the 5k
  • 2 donuts at the race
  • banana with PB before my ride
  • 3 gels and Gatorade while riding
  • hot dog after my ride
  • 2 BLT sandwiches for dinner
  • half a milkshake
  • nothing on Sunday before my attempted run
Basically, I had no gas in the tank. I was running on empty. No bueno!!!

I sometimes tend to get so focused on the workouts that I forget my body needs fuel! And for some reason, I am worse at it on the weekends. Next weekend is going to be another step up in mileage on the bike, so I have to remember to fuel my body. I also have to find something that I can eat prior to workouts. I do not want to start Redman with nothing in the tank because that will set me up for failure right from the jump!


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  2. I didn't eat much before my race this weekend and I wonder if that was part of the reason I struggled so much.

    1. I think there can be lots of reasons we might have a bad race, but I know I always am concerned about fuel during a race, but never really thought about my fueling before a race!

  3. It's easy to do, especially this time of year. Training has wayyyy to many boxes to tick off. The other day I was thinking about what a pain it is to go on those long rides and have to circle back to refuel and then when it gets really hot, the ice melts immediately. No fun.

    1. I know!!! It took me 20 minutes to get ready for a ride the other day!!!

  4. The last couple races I did, I set an alarm for 2 hours before the race, got up and ate my yogurt and banana then went back to bed. I was amazed I actually went back to sleep quickly and ended up fueled and didn't have to hit the Porto potties as much either.

    1. That is actually a very good idea and I might have to try that sometime! Maybe this weekend!

  5. Always get something in before a morning workout, even if it's just a banana sandwich or something. No fuel - no performance :)

    And Water.

    1. That is the sad thing Chris! I know better! and nothing is worse than getting up super early only to have a bad run!


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