Friday, July 26, 2013


So Thursday morning, I thought I had a dream, which turned out not to be a dream. here's what happened:

So both my wife and I had plans on running Thursday morning. I was going to get up earlier than her to start my run and I figured i would see her out later and we would finish running together. I know that is a long shot logistically, but it would be nice to end the run together right? Anyways, I awoke suddenly that morning without an aid of the alarm clock, which is becoming more of a habit. I hate it when I wake up just prior to  the alarm going off!!!!

So I wake up and notice my wife is not in the bed with me. I think I have messed up my alarm clock somehow and I just blew my run that morning. I get over it quickly and curl back up with the covers. Not even 10 minutes later, I hear my alarm going off, and this is quite puzzling. You see I had already made amends with missing my run. I was good, but then the alarm!!!

So I grab my clock and see that it is only 5:38AM!!!

And where is my wife???

So I grab my gear (shorts, socks and Brooks shoes, so not a lot to grab) cause I figure if I do not go run now, I will be pissy all day, and I have no reason not to run either! Anyways, I go downstairs to see my bride on the couch and my 1st thought is


I gently wake her to tell her she can go back to the bed. My guess at the time was that I maybe coulda most likely might have been snoring...

Anyways, I had a great run that morning, it was a little cool, so I went back to get a shirt, but it felt good. I think it even felt better because it was a surprise run. I really thought I had missed out, so I was actually happy to find out I woke up early and had plenty of time to run.

P.S. plus my wife got her run in as well!  WIN-WIN

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