Monday, July 29, 2013

I Had the Dreaded Ironman DQ Dream....

First off, I had a great weekend of training and a huge boost for my confidence. I finished a 3 hour ride on Saturday and felt great afterwards. Sunday was a 9.2 mile run which felt amazing. I had the right mindset going into it and I had the right fuel for it. I was really feeling good about everything and went to watch NASCAR on Sunday afternoon (which is code for taking a nap). And that is when I had the dream.

I have heard many people talk about the dreams they have leading up to Ironman. Many are dreams about forgetting their bike or some other valuable piece of equipment they need, some dream about waking up late for the race, but my dream was about me getting disqualified! So here it is:

It occurred on the bike. I remember I was riding up to a hill that was lined with blue carpet which led up another hill to the transition area. As I was coming up to it, I asked the volunteer that was sitting there if I was in the right area. She did not move but said yes, you are in the right spot, so I hopped off my bike and gave it to another volunteer that was going to rack my bike. The volunteer ran my bike up the hill as I went around the corner to change clothes for the run. As I got the to changing area, they immediately said I was the first one there! I knew this could not be right, so I looked at my GPS watch and saw I was still 30 miles short of 112. So I turn back around and run back to the volunteer and head back up the blue carpeted hill and see my bike on the rack. It is the only bike in T2 and there were 4 officials standing around my bike.

I ran over and told them I was totally off course and I still had some of the ride to go and they wouldn't let me take my bike. They told me that since I went so off course and missed the turn at the blue carpet and since I had racked my bike, they had no choice but to DQ me!

I tried to argue my case, but they were not budgeting. I thought if I could get that volunteer who told me I was going the right way to admit that, then they would know it was an honest mistake and I could get back on the course. As I trotted back to the volunteer, I got a good look at her and saw that it was my Nanny!

Then I woke up...



  1. HAHAHAHA! I love this! I haven't had any of these dreams yet BUT I do find that when I think about getting in the water for the swim or think about going to the Ironman check-in my heart starts to race in my chest. I've reached the point now where I'm exhausted, freaked and ready to either finish or not finish, I just wanna get this party started.

  2. Picture the real life story of Bree Wee at IM Hawaii 70.3 this year. In the lead and a volunteer sent her in the wrong direction on the run. by the time she realized the mistake she had run almost .5 miles. The mistake cost her the win (she came in 3rd)and valuable Kona points that may keep her from Hawaii championships in October.

  3. Those dreams are so scary when they happen but funny later on. I've had many during HIM training that woke me up with my heart pounding even though they didn't make sense. Makes for some good blog material :-)

  4. This is still relatively benign. They will get more bizarre but just in case, I would avoid blue carpet for a while.


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