Saturday, July 6, 2013

Back in a Groove...

I would not say this has been the best week of training, but it has been a good week as far as me getting back into the groove after vacation. I hit all my workouts this week, although I did make some changes to the mileage on the bike. Being away from my bike for over two weeks is never a good idea while training for an Ironman! (Write that down and remember that piece of gold!)

I have already almost surpassed my monthly total from last month on the bike! That should tell you why I am altering my rides. There is no way I could just jump back into an 80 mile ride! It is amazing how quick you can take a step backwards. I admit I am a little nervous about the bike still, but I know I have time to get where I need to be. I have been able to set up a few riding partners for my long rides coming up which will be a huge confidence boost.

I feel pretty good about my swim and run, or I feel I am where I should be at this point of my plan, and I love that feeling. I just have to concentrate on the bike. Bike. Bike. Bike.

So here is this week's schedule, a recovery week, so it is going to work out perfect for me to get back on track:

Sunday: 10 mile run
Monday: 15 mile ride, 2500 yd swim
Tuesday: 2.7 mile run
Wednesday: 20 mile ride
Thursday: 4.7 mile run
Friday: 2000 yd swim
Saturday: 45 mile ride

I know I have work to do, but the fear is slowly turning into confidence!

Stay Tuned for my Ironman Goals!!!


  1. Atta boy! Nice work on the training! You're gonna be great. Keep up the good work!

  2. Your bike confidence will return quickly. You might feel like you've lost some, but you'll get through this week and be back up to your normal mileage. Keep it going!

  3. A few long rides and you're back in business. Plus, I bet your more paranoid about the bike than you really should be. You'll get there and you still have plenty of time. Your week looks a lot like mine these days :)


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