Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's Good to Be Back!

Home that is. We had a great time on vacation and we did a lot! We spent a lot of time on the beach, we went kayaking in the ocean and saw Manatees and Dolphins, we went to Ponce Inlet and went to a lighthouse, we went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventures, me and the wife got to have a date night and we ate well! I was able to get out and do a lot of running and some swimming while gone, but I missed my bike. All in all, it was good for me to get away from work and my training plan for a while. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip!

The lighthouse at Ponce Inlet, this could also be our album cover if we start a family band!

Family photo at the Beach

This is the shot I sent to my friends at work asking if they missed me!

Me and Jake, he is growing way to fast!

Jesse and me at Islands of Adventure. He thought a lot of the rides were too scary for him!

Kayaking in the ocean where we saw Dolphins and Manatees!

Pool and Hot Tub at the Condo!

Jared and Me at Islands of Adventure!
So all in all I had a great time. Now I am ready to hit it hard and prepare for Redman. I have a good base built, now I just have to trust the plan, hit the workouts and nail down my nutrition. The focus is there this week! Let's hope it stays for awhile!


  1. Absolutely awesome family pic! I loved it. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun, but welcome back to reality. :) Good luck with the training for Redman.

  2. Trying to ease back into reality myself. Looks like you had a great time. Enjoy getting your bike miles in this week.


  3. Focus....Do excuses!
    The first few bikes aren't going to go as planned, but it'll come back!!!!

  4. Your Instagram pics were awesome! It's always mixed feelings on vacation because there's no training really but then when you get back it's all "ah man, I gotta get to work!"


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