Monday, April 8, 2013

My New Tattoo!

I think that when you aren't training for whatever reason, either sickness like in my case, or tapering, I think you come up with some crazy ways to pass the time. One thing I did of course was sleep. It was so nice to go to bed around 10 and sleep in till 7 AM every morning! One other thing I did was finally go and get the tattoo I have been wanting to get for awhile, so if you follow me on FaceBook or Instagram, you already have seen it, but if not, here is a picture!

Married Feb 1, 1997


Here is my thinking. I am always taking my wedding ring off whenever I swim or run because it is a little lose. I have had it sized before, but never gotten the right sizing I guess. And I actually lost a wedding ring once (11 days after we got married!) So, like I said, I am always taking off my ring, but I still wanted something on that symbolizes our wedding day. So I went to the tattoo shop and we talked about my options. I was limited in the detail of the tattoo I could get because of the space on the finger, plus I did not want it to be a huge tatt, because I will still wear my wedding ring. So we messed around with fonts and my wife's name before we came to the conclusion that our wedding date would be cool. I like it alot and so does my bride! I know a ring does not make you married, but I like having that symbol on my finger, and now I will have it everyday, no matter what!

Health Update:
On Saturday, the weather was too beautiful to keep me indoors, so I went out for a short 3.8 mile run int he sun and it was great. It was a combination of run/walk, but after not being able to train for over two weeks, it was the best feeling to be outside running again, add in the fact that my wife ran with me some, and it was a perfect afternoon!


  1. You'll never have to get that baby resized! I'm glad you're feeling well enough to get out there and do some training.

  2. How cool is that!! I like tattoo's and that looks like one that serves a good purpose as well :) I bet she's happy!

  3. That's pretty cool. I've seen the ring tattoos before but not one with the date. Glad you were feeling better and outside this weekend!

  4. have you been watching Duck Dynasty?

  5. I do love it, babe. It makes me very proud to be your wife!

  6. Now that is love right there

    LMAO Bob

  7. Nice functional tat! I have to take my ring off to see the date inscribed inside.

  8. I once worried about my husband never wearing his ring (always has had a job that prohibited it). And for a while, I was too fat to wear mine. But I've also come to realize that no one can be around either of us without us making it obvious that we have a spouse and kids. They are such an integral part of our lives that it would be hard to miss. Would be nice if he occassionally pulled it out, but not a big deal to me. The tattoo is a nice sentiment though.


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