Thursday, April 4, 2013


I am slowly getting over this nagging cough and I really am hoping to be back up and running soon. I have actually missed it, but this cough has been no joke! My biggest fear was trying to come back to early and having this crud linger on indefinitely  so I am planning on Saturday as being my comeback time. I plan on taking it slow and easing back into the miles and routines. The only thing I can say about this cold is that it seems the best thing for me was sleep. It seemed that each day I got a good night's rest, I was a little bit better!

So since I had almost 2 full weeks off from training (that's another post in itself) I decided to do a couple of things. One thing I did was some research on Redman 140.6. I found out that on the course that are going to have Hammer products and Gatorade. Only problem is that I have never used Hammer gels or products before, so I thought it would be a good idea to order some and start using them (Remember, nothing new on race day!) So I placed an order for the starter pack of Hammer products! Here is what I got in the mail:

2 packages of Hammer Recoverite, 1 package of Hammer Soy, 1 package of Hammer Sustained Energy, 1 package of Hammer Perpetuem, 1 package of Hammer Whey, 1 package of Hammer Heed, 1 package of Hammer Endurolytes Fizz, 1 package of Hammer Endurolytes, 1 Hammer Energy Bar almond Raisin, 1 Hammer Chocolate Peanut Hammer Bar, 1 Hammer Vegan Recovery Bar Almond Cacao and 9 Hammer gels: Expresso with caffeine, Chocolate, Tropical with caffeine, Montana Huckleberry, Raspberry, Orange, Apple Cinnamon, Banana, and Vanilla.

Now that is quite a starter pack! It only cost me about $20, so I was literally blown away by all this stuff, especially since I am not sure what all of it does! I mean, I know what they gels are for and what they do, but as far as knowing what the Whey, Soy and Recoverite does is beyond me! Now to be fair, they did send along a lot of reading material (Hammer Nutrition Consumer Guide) that explains the products, but man, that's a lot of reading to do! Plus a representative from Hammer called me to ask if I got my order and if I had any questions about any of it! Had I been at home, we might have had a lengthy conversation! (He did say I could call them anytime I had a question about the products). I know that nutrition is a huge part of Ironman training, so I am looking to get a heads up on it as soon as possible and I have a lot to learn, so it is going to be quite the journey. My ironman training actually starts in late May, which will be here soon. ( I know you were all looking for a MC HAMMER reference, but I just couldn't make it fit!)


  1. I love Hammer products! That's a great deal for all that stuff. I may need to place an order myself. I've only heard good things about their company, and it sounds like you're having a good experience too. Let us know how you like it all!

  2. Glad you are feeling better! That is quite a starter pack. I'm tempted to order one myself.

    1. Mike, I only spent $20 for the gel sampler and the new product sampler! They added in some extras! It was an awesome deal!


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