Monday, March 4, 2013

Everyone WINS with WIN!

You have to be civilized...
Here lately, while it is still cold, I have been running in dry tech shirts, since I have been hitting the dreadmill regularly. The dreadmill means a lot of sweating, and sweat stinks. So once my runs are over and I get home, I usually hang them in the garage to dry, cause I am telling you, I sweat a lot! Especially when you are running as fast as I am! My wife does not like me to throw my sweaty shirt in the laundry hamper wet, which I learned a while back ago, so this is my way of keeping the peace and smell out of my house. So about once a week, I go and round up all my shirts hanging out in the garage and put them in the laundry basket to be washed and folded.

So the next time I go to wear these dry tech shirts, even after they have been washed, they still stink! Something about those fibers hang on to the funk, and nothing is worse than putting on a new. clean shirt and being able to smell yourself right? well I have an answer for that problem!

Win Detergent is a washing detergent specifically formulated to remove the oils and residues that cause odor from synthetic fabrics! Like I said earlier, no one wants to wear clothing that already smells bad! We all want our clothes to be clean and to smell clean.This detergent is specifically made for technical fabrics! You can find this product at over 250 specialty running, triathlon and cycling shops across the States.

If you look on the left side of my blog, you will see a link to the WIN website, and you will also see that the good people at WIN Detergent are offering the readers of Daily Trainings a $5 coupon of your order! None of this leave a comment or like my page to get the deal, just click the link!  That is pretty cool in my book, Thank you WIN Detergent! Be Sure to check them out on Twitter (@WINdetergent) on FaceBook and Instagram!

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