Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gonna Change Things Up!

I am talking about my training plan. I am not changing the pace or distances or even the workouts, but I am changing the days around. I have found that on Wednesdays, it is tough for me to do a run in the morning, go to work, get to church at 5 PM (I have been working with the middle school group), get home around 8 PM. I am usually starving by then, so I have to eat and help get the kids in bed, so it is 9:30 or so before I could even start! Wednesday calls for a medium bike ride, so we are talking around 20 miles usually. I have been so tired on Wed nights by the time I get home, that sometimes those bikes get skipped!  I know!!! I think out of all my workouts, the one segment that I do not need or want to miss is a bike session! So I looked over my plan and see no issue with moving my medium bike to Thursdays. That means on Wednesdays, I will be getting up early for my medium runs and that is all. Thursday will now be a swim and bike day, which is totally doable.

I was looking over my totals for the month and comparing them with my totals at this time from last year. Here they are through Feb:

Run: 85.1 miles  12:49:05
Bike: 279.1 miles 13:06:40
Swim 32,402 yards  10:44:20

Run: 102.05 miles  15:38:20
Bike: 264.13 miles 14:52:54 (one bike left tonight)
Swim: 20,750 yards 7:15:35

I knew my swimming numbers would be lower, but since I am only swimming twice a week, I am good with that. I am glad to see my mileage is slightly up, but I am wondering about the time spent running and biking, I am surprised that it appears I am going slower. It breaks down to a pace of 9:02 in 2012 and a pace of 9:11 currently. Maybe I am over thinking it!


** I will have met my goal of 7,000 crunches in February. Yes, I have pictures, but I have decided to wait until April to post them, because I am going for another month of crunches. Goal is 10,000!

** I have officially added another race to my schedule! The Ragnar Relay TN on Oct 25-26!  a 196 mile relay from Chattanooga to Nashville!  This is going to be loads of fun!

** I have an awesome giveaway in the works that I will be reviewing and writing up soon.

** I also have a cool giveaway for anyone that wants it, everybody will win! That is coming very soon as well!


  1. You are over thinking it, didnt you just PR at a race this year?

    There is nothing fast with IM training either, you will be mostly in Z2 and some Z3 work, Z4 and Z5 are not part of it.

  2. I love the road cyclist pic. So right on isn't it!?

    It's natural to compare all that stuff and wonder. It's as if you want to make sure that you're always moving forward. Plus, I hear you on the kids and juggling time. Same story at my house.

    1. you know, I do not remember being this busy when I was a kid, maybe we were and I took it for granted!

  3. Don't you think some of the difference is that as parents, we are really juggling several schedules (mine, husband's, son's, daughter's) compared to when we were a kid we only were vaguely aware of the calendar and only cared what affected us.

    I think it is wise to re-evaluate along the way from time to time and tweak what needs adjustment to work better. Glad you found a way to make it work. I start my 12 week plan for my century next week and I know it will be tough to make sure it all gets done while still making sure I'm running and swimming enough to be ready for a du in April, tri in May and tri's later in the summer.


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