Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Thoughts...

I had a great weekend. The weekends have been starting very early for me lately, like 4 AM early. But it is OK, I kind of like getting up and running/biking as the sun comes up. It makes me feel dedicated. It makes me feel like I am committed to doing these races and I think it shows the importance to me and others, but is in way reflects my speeds! But I am confident in the distances for my half iron distance race on Sept 8th. I am actually looking forward to it!

Cute huh??
Saturday morning, my youngest son Jesse (3yrs old) completed his first ever triathlon. The Bartlett Rec Small Fry Tri. Now what does a 3 yr old's triathlon consist of you may be asking? I t consisted of a 25 yard dash, followed by about a 40 yd tricycle ride and then a 20 yard run through the sprinklers! A reverse triathlon. The RD allowed one "personal trainer" to run along side the racers to make sure they knew where to go, so me and Jesse raced hard and had a lot of fun. And he did so great! Some of the kids were crying hard, some were having to be carried and some of them did not want to run, but my Jesse gave it a good effort. He never stopped once, although he did get distracted once by the cameras,but I was very proud of him.

The sprinklers were no joke!


I have come close to saying it before though!
Monday mornings are always the toughest for me to get a workout in. I do my long rides on Sat (this Saturday, it was a 3 hour trainer ride (60miles) due to the small fry triathlon. I got up at 4:30 AM and rode in my garage while it sprinkled. That is 3 hours of pedaling. No coasting, no stopping for anything, but 3 hours of pedaling! Sunday morning started just as early with a 10 mile run, which felt weirdly good! I got up early there so I could get my run in before church, and before it go to hott here in Memphis. I usually try to get a nap on Sunday afternoon, so I can stay up alter and watch TV, but I had other things to do Sunday afternoon, so no nap. Now I said all of that to say this. I blew off my Monday morning ride because I was tired. This has happened more than one Monday too. I always sleep a little later, then wake up and feel guilty about missing the workout, which leads to me trying to scramble to fit it in Monday night somehow. And today was no different. I am already feeling guilty about missing, and thinking of how to fit it in tonight.


Enough already. Leave him alone and let him move on. You had your shots at catching him. (Not saying he did dope, not saying he didn't, just say'n) This is a huge waste of time and money, to go after an athlete after he retired 7-8 years ago!  What good is going to come out of this? Let him race Ironman!!  Let him race! Let him race! Let him race!

So that is what is on my mind this Monday. I have one more good week of training before I start my taper and rest a little and then I get to put all that training together for my race!  Thanks for reading.


  1. Very cool tri with your son!

    I'm impressed with your dedication to getting up early, even if you do miss a few. You do much better at it than most people I know (including me). Keep it up!

  2. Congrats to your son at his first triathlon

  3. The kids are a plast to watch at their races. Glad your small fry had a good time. I just can't do the super early morning stuff (anything before 6 AM and I'm just not that human). Hope you cut yourself a little slack on the miss.


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