Saturday, September 1, 2012

A 2 week Taper???

One week to go!  And I am ready too! I have really been on  an unscheduled two week taper. My plan only called for a 1 week taper, but once again, life dictates racing. I have had a really good mileage month in August. So that has really helped with my confidence. My August totals were:

Swim: 7,987 yards (pool was closed for 2 weeks)

Bike: 262 miles

Run: 65 miles

The reason I decided to go for a two week taper vs a one week taper were pretty simple. I was tired and I wanted to rest up. Plus I was out of town some this week, which meant I got in bed earlier. I have been trying to be in bed before 10PM, and not having to get up at pre 5AM has been nice. Plus, I have been feeling really good. A lot of the little aches and pains that you get when training have slowly disappeared this week.

I am getting ansy and have a feeling it is going to be a long week. I am off Mon due to Labor Day, Tuesday is an all day meeting, Wed is office work, then I am off work Thursday through next Tuesday. (My birthday is Friday). I know my what my workouts will be this week and I have a massage scheduled for next Monday. So all I have to do is swim/bike/run!  Can't Wait!


  1. Nothing wrong with a two week taper. The plan I follow calls for them.

    You are ready. Enjoy the race and if I don't tweet/comment before Friday, Happy Birthday!

  2. Enjoy the down time and let that antsy feeling build up and then EXPLODE on race day! Enjoy the extra time with the family this weekend and some extra sleep. You've totally earned it!


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