Monday, February 20, 2012

I Made some Decisions...

I know that we are all busy, but sometimes I have to remember to pull back and not worry about my training schedule. This does not mean that I will not be bringing it, but sometimes I have to Bring It to other parts of my life, namely my family. February has been very tough so far with traveling for work and other duties I have as a husband and dad, that I felt pretty worn down. Let me give you some of my schedule last week

Monday: 1400 yd swim, then work, then 22 mile trainer ride
Tuesday: Valentines Day, 2350 yd swim work, mushy stuff ;) ;)
Wednesday: work followed by a 6.45 mile run, then meeting at church, followed by small group I lead (6th grade boys group I lead in small groups at church)
Thursday: 1800 yd swim, work, science fair, coach a basketball game (we are 6-0 now), dinner, then 16 mile ride
Friday: work, 5 mile run (was suppose to be 9) then worked security at the youth event at church
Saturday: unscheduled rest day
Sunday: 27 mile ride in lieu of a muddy wet dank trail race I was scheduled to do.

Now I am in no way making excuses, but I could tell I was tired, physically and mentally, so I deviated off my schedule and I am glad I did. I know I do not have to make every workout, because I can't, but I know I have to make every workout count, which I did.

Other notes:
I have decided that I am not going to race IM Augusta 70.3 this year after all. I have decided on another non IM branded race near Nashville. When I got to looking at travel time and cost, it just did not make that much sense to me. I would have to pull the boys out of school for a week again and it is just not worth it for my hobby. The Nashvegas Half distance Triathlon appears to be every bit as challenging as Branson. I have already done an Ironman branded race, so it being a non branded race is not a big deal to me. I know it will be a great race. Plus the money I save will be great. Another advantage is that Nashvegas  is a few weeks earlier, which will give me more time to train for the St Jude Marathon (I have to beat my previous time).

I have also really been aware of what I am eating and drinking. I want to be down to around 180lbs my the time MIM comes around in May. Right now I fluctuate between 186 and 189lbs, so hopefully I am on the right track. I also want to be able to wear my square legged Speedos my wife bought for me and not feel ridiculous! It's good to have goals right? 

That's all I have time for right now, thanks for reading!


  1. Always cool to feel you have a plan. And when it works out in the end, you know it was the right decision to make.

  2. Looks like we are going to have a decent sized group going to Memphis for St. Jude's in December. IDK if I am going to race or just eat BBQ and drink all weekend!

    Really want to do Augusta one day just so I can have one good swim split in my life (-:

  3. Sometimes listening to your body is better than following your workout plan.

  4. Given all your other commitments, I'm impressed with all the training you got in last week. Good work!

  5. I think you should be giving yourself a pat on the back!!!!!! it sounds like you are doing amazing :)

  6. Nashvegas sounds like a great race :) I'm looking forward to hearing about your rematch with the St Jude Marathon!

  7. Square legged Speedos? Hmmm. Just kidding. It can be easy to forget that we don't do this for a living. You have your priorities straight. Good week of training regardless of the time off and modifications.

  8. I was happy to read your post. I am a family man first and foremost. I think its easy to get caught up with training and lose focus of what is important. Like yourself, I get involved with church and I coached youth football for over 20 seasons. So scheduling my training time can get pretty complicated. Our kids need "DAD" in their life and, as a Christian, I have responsibilities. I am just blessed that the good Lord gives me some time to train and take care of my health.


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