Saturday, February 25, 2012

Recovery Weeks In The Dark With Indoor Tri's and 10K Trail Races!

I hate recovery weeks. I know they are needed, but I feel like I am just getting into a good swing of things, and then BOOM, time to recover. So it is very tough for me to get excited about a recover week. This is the time when I tend to start missing workouts cause I think I take the term to literal. So I hit up Google to find the common answer and I found that there is no common answer on the net.

A recovery week is basically a toned down souped up week of exercise. Yes your mileage may be smaller than normal, but I still go as hard as I would, but c'mon, a 1000 yard swim for a workout? Puh-leessse!! Now before you say anything, I know, that sounds really jerky for me to say, but when all the swim workouts have been 2300 yards or more, 1,000 isn't alot, and I think all those other swimmers are wondering why he only swam 20 minutes today??? Anyways, I use recovery weeks to ensure I am getting sleep and not over-training which could lead to other injuries, but by the time the end of the week is over, I am looking forward to hitting it again.

Topic Change:
I cannot tell you how many time I have walked through my house and turned off light switches. Now I am not some save the planet hippie that doesn't believe in 15 minutes hott shoers (I love (is there a stronger word than love?)15 minute hott showers). My wife claims that it is a dad thing, but I say No!  I say it is a pay the bills thing. It amazes me how almost every light in my house can be on and no one is even close to that room. The kitchen light, garage light, dining room light, living room light and the boys room light...all lights on! I can just picture that spinning thing on my electric meter spinning at a high rate of speed while the electric company sits and watches the dials and laughs and laughs at the Ford house!  Cha-ching!!!  Pet peeve of mine.

Topic Change:
My wife did an indoor triathlon this week. It was her first venture into the world of triathlon and she did great. She rocked the swim, did great on the bike and did better than she'll ever admit to on the run! It was my turn to be cheerleader while she raced and I am very proud of her!

Topic Change:
Tomorrow I am racing the last of the winter cross country series races. It is a 10K at Shelby Farms. I am strictly going to beat my time from last year. Last year I ran a 56:58 through the woods, so I am planning on beating that time this year. It should be perfect weather tomorrow. Forecast is calling for sunny and the high around 64 degrees, so it should be fun. I will post results on my Twitter for anyone that cares.

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Good job following the plan and taking your recovery week.

    What's even worse than light on is having the heat or air on with windows open!

    Very cool your wife did a tri! I bet you were as excited as she was.

    Good luck tomorrow! You've been putting down some fast run times so you'll have no problem beating your time from last year.

  2. Recovery weeks are always hard but a necessary evil. Enjoy it!

    Congrats to your wife!

    Good luck on your race!


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