Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3 Days and Counting...

St Jude Marathon runs right down historic Beale Street!

This morning, I finished my last scheduled run before my very first marathon on Sat. I am running the St. Jude/Memphis Marathon. I think this is going to be quite a challenge for me for several reasons.
  1. The distance alone. I have not ever run this far before and I thinkit is going to be hard to pace myself to not burn out. I received one piece of advice that said to "take it slow, if you are running at a comfortable pace at the start, then you are going to fast, slow down and save it for the end of the race to avoid the death march". I want to run the whole thing and not cross the line like the agony of defeat guy we see on TV.
  2. The cold. Normally this would not bother me, but I always mess up my clothing choices in cold weather. I am either to cold, or not hot. I never seem to plan it out right. So far I plan on buying some cheap sweats and discarding them as needed, but then what I wear under them is another set of decisions to make.
  3. Tour of Memphis. This is actually one thing I am looking forward to. Running around downtown Memphis. Here are some of the places the route takes us by The Civil Rights Museum (where MLK was shot),Beale Street, The Pyramid, St Judes Hospital, the Zoo, Target House, Sun Studios, and of course we get to finish in Auto Zone Park.
  4. My goal time. I have been keeping this to myself mostly, but I really want a respectable finish time.
  5. Health. My 2 1/2 year old has a head cold and I am doing everything I can to avoid getting it. I am talking Vitamin C pills and drops, taking zinc pills and drinking plenty of fluids to keep well.
  6. My longest run was over 3 weeks ago and I have done nothing further than 9 miles since then. I am worried that this may be a factor, but I followed my plan like it said.
  7. I am looking forward to the packet pickup and expo. It is one of my favorite thigns about races.
  8. I am looking forward to seeing how it goes at the halfway point. People have always said that it gets lonely after the half marathoners turn for the finish and you are left out there on your own. Should be an interesting feeling.
  9. I am proud that I have ran over 175 miles in the last two months, and that I have suffered no injuries during that time (knock on wood)
  10. If you want, you can track me online. I am #1081. You know, it might help me if you tell me you will track, even if you don't, at least I will think you guys are watching and might help me maintain!
Thanks for reading, and I am sure I will post again before the race!


  1. No need to worry. :) You’ll be rested and ready to rock it on race day! It sounds like it’s going to be an awesome race. Take it all in and enjoy the experience. I look forward to reading your race report!

  2. Hey good luck this weekend! Can't wait to read about it.

  3. Have a great time! I'll be tracking you so hurry the heck up out there!

  4. Best wishes for all the planets to align and you have a great race. Sounds like a neat tour of Memphis. Definitely know that your blogger friends are tracking you and we expect you to push it in the back half!

  5. I just got some other good advice on It was to treat the marathon like a book with 26 chapters, each chapter is new, so if I have a bad "chapter", then I start new on the next one!

    Thanks well wishes and the pressure of being tracked! it should spur on my motivation! LOL

  6. I am a new follower to your blog. I think it is so exciting that you have your first marathon this weekend. My husband has run that one, and it's one of his favorites. We are originally from the MS Delta, but now live and train in Chattanooga, TN. I love finding other Southern bloggers! Good luck this weekend!!! You will do great!

  7. #1081 you are being watched!
    Have a good run!

  8. You're already run the race, but I was going to say that it's totally okay to walk part of the marathon. I have done 13 marathons and only 3 of them did I run completely. Sometimes it's better to walk and you'll still be able to achieve your goals.


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