Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Course Change and Wussies!

I was on the Ironman Branson website the other day looking at the course maps and it looks like they have changed it a bit. The bike course now has something labeled as bike path which I do not remember seeing last night. Check it out:
I remember last year after I got out of the water, I said to myself, only 69.1 miles left! I had no idea how draining this bike course would be. These hills are no jokes. This bike course has been called the toughest Half Ironman bike course EVA! (Yeah, I went Memphis on ya there) And this comes from some of the pros that raced there last year. But, I kinda like that about this race. Once you say I am doing Branson, first thing people say is, "I would do it, but I want something flatter" Wussies!

Also the run course looks different as well. Now before any of you start making the "how would you know the run course is different Mr Fix-a-Flat?" jokes, you should know that I did drive the course last year, so I know. Trust me on this. Here is the run course:
I am looking forward to hitting the run portion this year, and grinding out those last 13.1 miles of the race. I still have that image of me crossing the finish line in my head and I can't wait to see it played out in real life with my wife and kids at the finish line along with my parents.

This race is not going to be about time for me, but more about finishing. Do not misunderstand, I still want to race well, but I also want to enjoy it. I want to be patient on both the bike and run and let it come to me, I do not want to force anything. I think that is the best plan for me...let the race come to me.

This weekend I have a 60 mile ride planned, which will be the first of about 4-5 more before race week. I know not to slam out these miles but to be consistent in my rides. A steady pace is much better than a start and stop pace. I am in a recovery week now, but I am looking forward to these last few weeks before Sept 18 gets here.

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  1. Yep, triathlete always are looking for that PR. Who cares. Give me a cool location and I am there. Hence signing up for IMMT. I'd do easy when I get old!


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