Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Major Obstacle

After coming off one of my strongest months of training to date, I have hit a major obstacle. Here I am 21 days, 3 weeks until Branson HIM 70.3, The Rematch, and I get bronchitis and double ear infections.

It all started earlier this week with a nagging cough. I had just returned from Atlanta (work stuff) and figured I caught something on the plane due to breathing all the recycled air (Gross). So my plan was to hit it with OTC meds and NyQuil, so I got a good night sleep. It did not phase it and finally after cancelling a long ride on Sat, my wife convinced me to go to the clinic and get this checked out.

The doctor did some doctor stuff and gave me the diagnosis and a ton of medicine. Steroids, Z-packs and other pills were in my future. I was told to let this recover or it would linger.

It is very frustrating to sit and not do anything. I have missed a week of needed training. I am sticking to my training plan which will allow me to recover until Monday, and then I will have to hit it hard for two weeks and then have a taper week. Should be interesting, but hey, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it right?


  1. Awww man that has to be dissapointing, but you will come back from this and who knows, maybe the week of rest will make you feel EXTRA awesome when you come back? :)

  2. Thanks Lauren, I am hoping it will somehow be good for me, I am just getting to that "did I do enough phase" of my training!


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