Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Training Toy...

The other day I used some Christmas cash to buy myself a training aide. This was something that I had wanted for awhile but never acted on. it is nothing expensive, but it has already helped me out.

So you want to know what it is and why it helped me right? OK. I bought me a pair of Auvio Wireless headphones.

The way they help me is that I have attached them to my TV and now I can watch all my recorded shows and I do not have to have the volume up so loud that it keeps the house awake. My boys used to wake up and asked me if I could turn the TV down while I was riding on my trainer at night. You see, it was just easier on me and the family if I do trainer rides at night after everyone goes to bed. here are what hey look like.

Now, I may look goofy sitting on my bike in my living room wearing a bigger headset like this on my bike, but it sure makes it easier to talk myself into riding. It has been a few months, so the old butt needs the saddle time. I once read that Andy Potts does 80% of his training on a trainer, so there is no reason I shouldn't be able to supplement my training here when I can't get out.

In other news, I am officially signing up for the Memphis in May Olympic Triathlon tomorrow! The price goes up $30 is I wait past the 15th and I always kick myself for not registering for these races as early as I can to save some cash!

Thanks for reading and happy training!


  1. Seems like a practical device.
    I always blast the TV too and annie gets mad. I hope those suckers are waterproof to handle the sweat!

  2. It is always tough to fit training in with a family. My pain cave is downstairs in the basement where it is tough for my crew to hear what is going on.


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