Friday, January 7, 2011

Motivation vs Want To???

My motivation seems to be playing a weird little joke on me these days. I say this, because even as I am writing this, I am ready to get out and go running. This is the problem.

Let me explain it this way. I have the motivation to get up and go at the times when it would not be possible for me to get up and go. It is when I have the time to get up and go that I am lacking this motivation, and I do not understand it.

I have planned on getting up and going running twice this week alone, only to stay in bed and catch a few more zzz’s. It irritates me later on during the day that I did not get up, yet I seem stuck when I actually have the opportunity. I can honestly say that I am looking forward to the race season. I was actually happy with my performance on the 3K Trail race last week, so I am not as far back as I thought I would be, which I thought would be a huge encouragement right?

I need to find that place…that spot in me that gets me up and running. I want to have a good year and I know I have it in me, but it is just procrastination that is keeping me down! I guess I would call it procrastination..maybe not…I don’t know.


  1. start a training plan now! Hold yourself accountable to that plan and you'll be golden!

    Same thing happens to me when I don't have a plan to hold me to the workouts!

  2. Believe it or not, I have a plan! I think that since I am in the last phase of P90X, it is just wearing me out since we are doing it at night, and trying to run and swim in the mornings.

  3. Blame it on retail. Last month all of our motivation was sucked out of us. It will pass soon enough ;)


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