Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Bike Responds...

Dear JF,

I was glad to get your note the other day. It has been awhile since we talked and I can;t say that I blame you. I really wanted to talk to you about what happened. I know you will probably end up posting this on that silly blog of yours for all your triathlete friends to read, and I know that they probably are taking your side on this, but honestly, the flats weren't intentional.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe I also wanted to finish the race? It was a goal of mine? I didn't think so, sometimes you are only thinking about yourself and YOUR finish times. I know me and your goggles and running shoes feel the same way. It is always about what we can do for you! And that is what we need to change. We should be one team, not a segment of the race! And that goes for goggles and running shoes too!

I know you were disappointed in Branson. I understand that, but i also know that is was something beyond anyones control. I never took those things you called me personally out there on the course, I knew you did not mean them. So do not worry about that.

The only thing I care about is that we get ready for 2011. It can be a great season for us! We did get a lot faster throughout the year and all those miles. I am well rested, you are well rested. I think it is time to ride and soon too!

As far as I am concerned, everything is behind me and I hold no grudges against you. I do not believe the rumors about you looking for another bike either! I laughed when I first heard that.

Anyways, I am glad we got a chance to talk it out. I am ready when you are to start training again!

The Bike


  1. seems like you have a reasonable bike.

  2. Wow, your bike is very reasonable in her response. Not so sure my bike would be this understanding in the same situation. Actually she probably would have been unable to respond being that she would be laying mangled at the bottom of a lake in Branson, MO (-:

  3. Very forgiving bike. You may want to have a seperate intervention with the wheel set though.

  4. 4 flats in a race? The bike should be apologizing profusely! It's like a dog that poops all over your living room because they are mad at you. Not cool. :)

  5. Glad to see that the bike was able to give his/her account of all this.

    Like your blog!

    Steve Fleck


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