Saturday, November 27, 2010

An Open Letter To My Bike

Dear Bike,

What's up?? Dude, it has been awhile hasn't it? I hope you are well. I know we have spent much time together in awhile, but...I am just going to say it. I was soo mad at you. You really let me down at a critical time when I needed you, and then you acted like you didn't even care.

I took great care of you, I even got you a tune up a couple of weeks before our big race! I kept you in the house as long as I could before my wife got mad, I cleaned you, rode you often, so I know you got enough attention!

We were doing fine you know. The bike leg of the race wasn't that bad. You were giving me your all and I was making sure we didn't overdo it. Maybe I should have known something was up when you already went flat on me before the race, but we fixed it! We were a team! When something goes wrong, it work it out together right??

But on the course, you gave up on me. At least that is how it felt. 4 additional flats?? C'mon, you expect me to believe that was coincidence?? I felt like you gave up on me. In the over 1,200 miles we rode preparing for that event, we had one flat. ONE FLAT! I just don't understand.

Is it me? Was there something I did?? I know I said somethings to you on the course that you took personally, but at the time, I was frustrated! Very frustrated. And at the time, it probably sounded like I meant every single thing I said, but you have to understand that I was crushed!

Since we broke up, I have had some time to do some thinking. Alot of thinking actually. And I know you have heard rumors about me looking for another bike and all, and I will be honest, I've looked, but we need some time to work on us, to get back were we used to be, to get back to that place!

So, the main reason I am writing you this letter to say that all is forgivin. I am wiping the slate clean. A fresh start in 2011! I think that together, we can do some pretty cool things, and I am willing to do my part too. I promise that I will get you all fixed up very soon and we will start riding again. Nothing to hard or long, we will work our way into that. But, we will take it slow and get to know each other again if that's ok??

I hope it doesn't sound to corny, but let me know how you feel. Sleep on it and do not make any decisions to quickly.



  1. I gotta write something similar. I have been cheating big time with the running shoes this past month.

  2. Love it!

    Bikes are like women. Just apologize even though it probably wasn't your fault. haha

    Good luck renewing your relationship.

  3. LOL, we think alike, I wrote a letter to my legs.

  4. i now know where to come to when i need to write a letter to someone i pissed off...just have to replace a few words here and there but that's about it. thank you. read your bike's response to your Dear Bike letter and i'm so happy to see that you two are working things out now.


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