Monday, November 15, 2010

It May Not look Like it...

I can honestly say that I have started my training for 2011 already. It can be said that I am taking a different approach than years before, but I honestly think this will help me the most, cause I ain't getting any younger!

As you know I am doing P90X with my wife. We just started week 3 and I am starting to see a little bit of results coming through, or at least enough to keep me motivated for the next 10 weeks! I really expect the extra strength and flexibility to really help me out next season.

The other part of my training that is going on is that I have been also going to a chiropractor. This has also helped me a lot already and I can definitely tell a difference from the 2 weeks I have been going. The main thing I have learned from these visits is that I have IT band issues! I never knew I had IT problems, I mean I have read a lot about them and know a lot of people have problems with their IT band, I even know what to do to fix this problem, but I did not know how to recognize it. The visits and the proper use of my foam roller are taking care of this issue and will take care of it in the next few weeks.

The biggest part of my chiro visits deal with stretching the muscles that are "overuse" muscles. Mainly I am talking about my hamstrings, hip flexors and glutes. The Dr. stretches me and it hurts, almost feels like I am about to hurt. After every session, I have felt instantly better. I do get the adjustments to my spine and neck, but the stretching part is amazingly good.

So even though I am not getting ready for 2011 in the usual way for a triathlete, I honestly believe that this portion of my training will help my results in the future.

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