Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tips To Help You Pick Your Personal Theme Music!

Notice I did not say workout song, I asked what is your theme song? I think we all should have some theme music, at least to play in our heads. A workout song is just some music that pumps you up and gets you amped for the workout/race. A theme song describes you as a person, it is something that speaks to you, drives you and motivates only you. If you do not have a theme song, then I am going to give you some tips to hopefully help you decide on a song.
  1. It has to be something controversial. A good theme song is not a song that everyone will like, but one they will recognize. It can't be about puppy dogs and ice cream. It has to be about a fight or a struggle.

  2. It has to be an aggressive song. It's OK for a song to start off slow, as long as it builds into a butt kicking song. A Metallica song would be a good example of this type of song (Enter Sandman)

  3. It has to be one you can play in front of family and friends. No one wants a theme song full of cuss words, I mean really, what would that say about you?
  4. There are certain groups out there that can never be consider "theme music" acceptable. For example; Creed can never be the group providing you with your theme music (Yeah, you know who I am looking at)
  5. Rap music is not the only music you can choose from! I like Eminem as much as the next dude, but let's give him a break.
  6. It should speak to you. There has to be a message in the song somewhere that means something. Something that drives you to focus on getting the job done, or something that speaks to how you did it.
  7. Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood says you are way too old. And I'd laugh at you.
  8. It has to be designed for only one person. For example, The A Team theme is a song designed for a team, therefore, you can't use it for a single person.
  9. Pink is always acceptable for females to choose from, and some dudes as well.
  10. It should strike fear in your competitors. It should make them watch you out of the corner of their eyes because they hear your theme music and know you are in the zone.

So tell me, what is your theme song??

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