Saturday, November 20, 2010

My 2011 Race Schedule

I have finally decided on what I think will be my 2011 race schedule. I have tried to add some new races and some different races to the list this year, but my main goal is still to get to an Ironman race. I have really put a lot of thought into whether or not I was going to go back to Branson to have another shot at the HIM 70.3 race that went so bad last year, so o see if I am heading back, continue reading!

This is a winter cross country race series. It consists of four total races of different lengths. There is a 3k, 5k, 8k and a 10K in this series. Each race is awarded points and you get ranked based on all four races. This will be my first trail race and should be fun.

In April, I am running the Run the Trails race at Herb Parsons Lake. It is roughly a 7 mile run through the woods. This race will not be totally new to me because one of the triathlons I do is at this same area and it has a 2 mile trail run. I have never really been a huge fan of trail runs, but I am looking for something different this year.

This race is a staple. It is the biggest one around Memphis and this year it has a new venue, so I am excited! I have run this race 2 out of the last 3 years and I have improved every year. I finally hit under the 3 hour mark two years ago when I raced, so I have high hopes for even more improvement. 2:45? Is that doable??

This race is always my nemesis. It seems like I have a great swim, great ride and then it all falls apart on the run. It really frustrates me too. So I am really looking for a good run segment on this race this year and I will be focusing on the run this year, because I know I need that improvement.

This is another favorite race of mine. It is a point to point race, which is unusual for me. I have always raced strong here. It is a time trial race which helps and every year I have improved my times, but my swim time is always slower than the year before. Last year I had a Top 10 finish in my AG, let’s see about 2011!

This is my favorite Super Sprint race. This is the race where you simply redline it the entire way. Another cool part of this race is the swim; you get to dive in off a dock! My goal has always been to finish in under an hour, and I have got close! My best time is 1:02! Lookout Sharpshooter, I’m aiming for you!

I was going to make a video and post it of me mocking “The Decision” ala Lebron James style and proclaim that “I was taking my talents back to Branson in 2011!” Needless to say that I am a little lazy, so no video.

Now as you might remember, this was my big race last yea that I was a DNF. 5 flat tires took me out of the race and it was the most frustrating thing I have ever endured! I almost swore I was done with anything longer than the Olympic distance, but my competitive fire kicked in and I want nothing more than to go back and finish!

So that is my race schedule for 2011. There may be some changes, some races added some subtracted, but this is my plan!


  1. Nice race lineup for 2011. I think the Flat gods have had their fun with you and no more flats for you! Just wondering if the streets of Branson are full of glass, thorns, nails?? That's crazy.

  2. Solid schedule with lots of racing!
    Me likey!

    Good call going back to Branson - it would have ate at you if you passed.

  3. Wow! Your lineup is very amibitious but looks like a ton of fun :) good luck!


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