Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sat Night's Alright

Watching the MMA fights on Showtime and rambling:

  • Friday I got to volunter at he Mid South Food Bank. We sorted can goods that were collected throughout Memphis, it took forever, but I know it will feed a lot of people.

  • Also realized that while it is great that people donate food, don;t just donate the out of date stuff, or stuff you won't eat!

  • Instead of winnig a wetsuit, Macca sent every video entry a prize for doing a video. Mine came yesterday. A Team Clif Bar sticker and some YANKZ!

  • It took me 35 minutes to put the YANKZ on my shoes tongiht, and I am not 100% sure I like them.

  • I had a heck of a swim workout on Friday. My 100 yd times are down to the 1:32. I am getting faster.

  • Tomorrow is OWS. I get to try out my new wetsuit that I got from a friend of mine at Gearhead Outfitters. Hoping to have pictures tomorrow.

  • Vacation is coming up on Friday, I am sooooooooooo ready. Taking a Cruise.

  • The HIM plan is doing well for me. I feel like I am definately making gains. The only problem I have is the getting up early part. I missed an hour run on Thursday becasue I was so tired. Work really gets in the way of my training sometimes.

  • It amazes me when I get messages (not comments) from people that say they read this blog. It is very cool, but surprised really that anybody reads this! LOL


  1. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog! I will now be reading YOUR blog :) I love expanding my blogging world.

    Update about the YANKZ after you use them for a while. I've been thinking about getting them!

    Great job on the training!

  2. Keep working on the getting up early. I find that even when i'm tired when that alarm goes off at 4:15am that i'm usually up and at em' in 5-10 minutes. Hardest part: pulling off the covers and putting one foot on the ground. The rest is the easy part!

  3. Hey shouldn't be too amazed if you are going around complimenting the blogs of others!

    Thanks for your comment on mine! I know what you mean though, I'm still surprised such athletic people follow my blog.

  4. I'm not sold on the Yankz either - took me ages to get them in right. I think the fact the elastic is so thin is what makes them feel uncomfortable for me.
    I'm thinking of just buying some toggles and elastic from the haberdashery and making my own!
    Great to see those swim time coming down.

  5. It takes awhile to get use to Yankz, I always over tighten them, getting them to the right tension is a pain.

    Was that the fight with Arloski? I use to be a huge fan of him, and something happened to him. Not sure what, but he is a shadow of what he use to be.


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