Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Time To Give Back...

Week 2 of my HIM training is going well. I have yet to miss an early morning workout, and have even started waking up easier than I imagined. It is still kicking my butt, but I feel like it is helping a lot. For instance, in my swim this morning it called for a couple (my wife is reading this as I type...awkward!) of 500 yd sets. The first one was suppose to be at an easy pace and the next at a hard pace. I was able to finish the 500 yds in 8:32, which is pretty fast for me. My endurance is getting better and I am more confident in my swimming. I will be ready in 18 weeks (that sounds like a really long time).

In other news, today I got to do something that I really enjoy. As you know, I work for Target and we have strong ties to St Jude Children's Hospital. Well, today was the May Carnival at the hospital and I was fortunate enough to be able help out. The carnival is just a simple way for the kids to get out the hospital and have fun. We have games for them, arts and crafts, prizes, food and usually a concert. It is very moving to watch all the kids being able to act like kids and to forget for awhile that they are ill; fighting battles we could never imagine. You can also see the joy in the parents eyes, you can see the joy they have in seeing their child having fun. It was a good day and a good time for all. I would challenge anyone reading this, to get out there and volunteer somewhere, it will matter to someone!

Friday I am volunteering at a food bank, which I am really looking forward to this. It should be a lot of work from what I understand, but again, the few hours we are giving up can mean a lot to so many families.


  1. I love it when people take their time and volunteer

  2. Hi James,
    Good for you on volunteering! I am a huge believer of helping and giving back. St. Jude Children's Hospital does wonderful things for those kids. I am glad that you had a good time:)

    Nice work on your training too!! James you will be ready!

  3. I love Target! Especially for reasons like this. Awesome that you were able to help out with this!


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