Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Ramblings...

Here are my random thoughts on a Tuesday night...

  • I got 100 pushups last night, well 101. Hurts like a son of a gun right now, but hurts sooo good! Respect the badge! :) Next up, 125!
  • I hate when shows cast people as athletes when they have no athletic bones in their bodies (Ok, I am watching GLEE)
  • I am also sad to say that I know what a "sliding door" move is on a dance floor (OK, I also watch DWTS and if you know what that stands for, then you watch it to, so shadduppp!)
  • My son (Jared) turns 9 tomorrow!
  • I want to ride tonight, but I don't wanna ride tonight. Hmmmmm
  • I have six episodes of Flash Forward on DVR I need to watch.
  • My black toenail is not going away
  • Why are "running shorts" so freaking short?
  • Right now I am thinking of eating a burrito.
  • I made a CD last night that rocks, it rocks! Hair bands only.


  1. way to go w/the pushup challenge! I love the badge too!

  2. Nice job on push up challenge! I still have a ways to go but hoping to stay on track! I agree with KC I want to get that badge...but I have to earn it!

  3. I was holding my breathe about the CD, I was waiting to hear it was the GLEE soundtrack.

  4. I am still in freaking awe that you did 101 push-ups so darn fast!!! I can almost do 40 now and I thought I was doing good! You rock!

  5. BTW: I love Glee, it is a great show:) You like it too...don't you? Very funny...God, I love the PE teacher, she cracks me up!

  6. Please tell me you're taking a break in between the 100 pushups!? Regardless, I couldn't do that many if you gave me 10 minutes. Sounds pretty badass.


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