Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seriously, Why ARE Running Shorts So Short?

The other day I bought a true pair of running shorts. Made by a company that specializes in running (Brooks). So they obviously know about running right?

I usually run in shorts. Regular shorts. Longer shorts. I have several pairs of these running shorts and I always felt comfortable in them. I am not talking about basketball shorts, but these are running shorts that are made by companies that make workout clothing, they do not specialize in running shorts. Here are my normal running shorts:

I guarantee that most of you runners have the same type of shorts and the same length. So I really did not think much about ordering another pair of running shorts, because running shorts are running shorts right?


I opened the box and first checked to make sure they sent me men's shorts. Next, I thought, "you have to be kidding me!" Wow, they were short, so I went back and reviewed my order and size chart. It was right. So here are my new running shorts:

Much shorter!

I will admit I was a little self conscience the first time I wore them out, but it was a hot day here in Memphis, and I thought, why not? So, I pulled them on and went for a run. At first, I felt naked, but as the run went on I got comfortable in them and really felt like a runner.

I am not sure what it was, I always know that when I run in my tri top, I feel like my training is better, so maybe it is a mental thing, but I really felt more like a runner than I ever had before. THey are now my favorite shorts to run in, and it did not take long to reach this point either. On thos first runs, it was just me, my shorts, my shoes and visor. Explain it to me if ya can!


  1. Ha ha, I am showing this post to my daughter! Kay likes to run track practices in B-ball shorts and I think she is nuts. I am glad that you actually like the shorter running just takes a little time to get used to them:) Your new shorts are so much beter than the running shorts from the eighties! As long as they are not too short and don't creep up...I think you are good to go!! Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. HA!

    Guess what? You just won the little giveaway on my blog!! Congrats!!

  3. I felt like richard simmons the first time I wore shorts like that. Still do a little ...

  4. Wait till you get your ID Inspire shorts, they are shorter then that


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