Saturday, April 17, 2010

Race Trash Talk and The Luck of the Draw!

Last night my wife and I competed in the first annual Dash N Splash. We had a great time, and it was a good race. I dashed and my bride splashed. It was her first race and I was very proud of the way she competed. We ended up finishing third in the mixed relay and we got medals! The run ended up being shorter than 2 miles (more like 1.6) but I still felt I had a good run and average 6:50 minute mile, which is fast for me.

The race had a lot of people I knew from previous races and a lot of people I train with. One of the guys I train with is named Greg and I will share a series of trash talking text messages I received, but going forward I am changing his name to Ricky to protect Greg's anonymity, so going forward, when you read the name Ricky, it does not mean Greg at all ;)

Greg, I mean Ricky: Wyatt (Greg's, I mean Ricky's son) and I are entered. You and wifey Poo are going down.

JF: We quit. Thanks, could have saved us $30

Ricky: We'll actually be in different divisions. Wyatt and I will be in the men's. You'll be in the mixed division, or the not completely manly division.

JF: Which knee was hurting you? no reason, just askin (I was gonna Tonya Harding his knee)

Ricky: both right now, I biked 38 today

JF: I am tellin my wife what you said...she played water polo, so tell Wyatt to look out.

Ricky: Essshhh Those girls are mean.

JF: That's why I married her!

The race was alot of fun. I could not tell if my wife was having a good time during the race, but afterwards she said she really enjoyed it. I am hoping this will get her into more races. I was so happy that we got medals!

Now to the luck of the draw part! I was notified today that I actually won the giveaway on the Steve in a Speedo blog! I won a Suigo bike bag, a pair of Rider sunglasses and a bunch of Monkey Shake recovery drink mix! I am very excited to get the gear. I am a sunglasses whore, so that was the main thing I was hoping to wining, but the bike bag is going to go great on my bike. I will update you all on the Monkey Shakes after I try them!

I had a good 25 mile ride today, rode a lot of hills, which will help me during Branson 70.3! Have a good weekend!


  1. congrats on both the podium and the giveaway!

  2. Hi James,
    Congrats to you and your wife on your first Dash & Splash relay!! Nice work:) Also congrats on Speedo Steve's giveaway win!! I would love to win a new pair of shades:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  3. JF: thanks so much for the inspiring quote on my blog.You are so right - we need to think of everyone else and the sacrifices they made for us so we can be where we are.

    Splash and Dash sounds like a blast...


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