Thursday, April 22, 2010

Master's Class Whippin!

Here was the workout on Thursday. It was tough and I did not finish it all due to foot cramps! I finished 3,000 of the 3,500 planned. It is my furthest swim to date.

3 x 200 @ 4:00 decreasing (each set got faster)
8 x 25 @ :30
4 X 150 @ 2:40 decreasing with each set
8 X 25 @ :30
5 X 100 @ 2:00, 1:55, 1:50, 1:45, 1:40
8 X 25 @ :30
4 X 50 @ 1:00, :55, :50, :45

1 X 400 Kick with fins and kick board FAILED! Only did 100 yds. (foot cramps)
1 X 400 Pull buoy

1X 200 Timed Didn't even try

Total 3500 yds

Tough workout. This weekend I am hoping to get my first OWS of the season done!


  1. whew! that workout would have put me in the grave. i get foot cramps A LOT! I ignore them. I've gotten them in triathlons before. I hope you area able to get your 1st OWS of the season in this w/e!

  2. Hi James,
    I sometimes get foot cramps and they are not from swimming. It is kind of odd I get them when I am sitting down or sleeping:( Not really sure what the deal is there....but they suck!

    Nice work on your swim...I am positive that there is no way in hell that I could ever do that and still be alive after:)


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