Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Funk is Over!

Alright, last night I went to Plan C (see previous post) and I rode on the trainer. I rode about 40 minutes, covering 13 miles or so. Felt good too. The real test would be when the alarm goes off the next morning, would he or wouldn't he??? Hmmmmm?

I did. My alarm went off at 5:45 AM. I slapped the snooze button like it owed me money and waited 9 minutes for the next beeping and got up. I threw on my running stuff and I left the house. I went to the gym. I ran on the treadmill. It was still really dark outside and I did not want to go through all the hassles of getting everything together you need for running in the cold, so I went to the gym.

I got on the treadmill with the idea of running for 40 minutes or 4 miles, whichever was first. I admit I had no idea had this run would go down, but I was happy with my results.

Mile 1-9:46
Mile 2 -8:58
Mile 3-8:14
Mile 4-7:58- followed by a 5 minute cool down!

Not the best times to some of you, but I was very pleased. I always have this thought process that since I have not run in over a week, I might as well have taken 2 steps backwards!

Anyways, I was glad I got up and run. I told my wife, I was going to get up and leave the house in the morning, although I might be sleeping in the parking lot, but I was getting up! It really was not that bad, and I am glad I did it. Thanks for the support out there in blog-land.

As customary on Daily Trainings, I like to celebrate things with a song, so here is an oldie but a goodie (give it at least a minute OK?)

ETA: Also felt so good that I got a swim in at lunch, guess I just needed to get that one workout in after being out of it for a few days!

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