Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jan 26, 2010

My little run in with the stomach flu is over and I feel much much much much better! I also lost 6lbs, so I am already down to my racing weight goal! It was easy to achieve!

So why have I not gotten back out and trained yet? Good question. I do not have an answer for ya. I had plans to train today. Great plans too! Would have been a good workout, but I didn't get up. I laid there in bed. I thought about what a great workout I was missing though.

I am in a workout funk.

So I had plan B I was going to rock instead, which included a lunchtime swim. Alas, work got in the way of that too. A meeting went long, then had trouble finding the evidence I had taken and then I had to get to court, so that was out.

Plan C is to ride on the trainer tonight. (fingers are crossed, but not in I am lying type of way but in a "really hope I do ride" type of way!)

So here is my promise, and someone hold me to this!

Tomorrow morning. January 27, 2010. I will get up and run early. I do not want to come back on here and have to type that I slept in again. I know it will be cold and I know my bed will be warm and cozy! I WILL! I WILL I WILL!!!

or Will I?


  1. Yes, you WILL get up and do it. And you have to be accountable to all of us in blog land. Good luck, glad you're feeling better.

  2. You can pull it off. And when you are finished and know that you are done with one workout for the day while your competition elected to sleep in, you will grin just a little wider.


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