Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20, 2010 A day of Wussiness...

Sometime I wonder why I am such a Wuss. It usually happens on days when I plan to get up early and do my scheduled workout, but for numerous reasons I don’t. It happened this morning.

My wife and I had made a deal that she will take the kids to school on Wednesdays and then go to the pool. a fair trade off for what she puts up with me s/b/r all the time! I get to stay home with Jesse and have a nice breakfast. So I planned on getting up early and running way before anyone else got up and then coming home, kissing the kids as they are whisked off to school by their mother and then making a nice breakfast for me and my 1 year old.

I went as far as getting all my equipment laid out so I could find it easily and quietly in the morning! It takes a lot of stuff I determined once I saw it all laid out on the floor too! I remember when it was just shoes and shorts and off I went! Everything was ready, alarm was set, and I was in bed early. I had my workout planned!

I was going to work on some tempo running this morning, trying to get faster for my race in March ,and really wanted to see what I can do if I push it. So I was looking forward it.

4:30AM I am awakened by thunder. I go back to bed thinking it will pass, this is Memphis, and storms come and go.

5:45 AM I awake to my alarm beeping, and I slap that sucker off quick so I do not wake my bride. I hear it raining outside, so I look out the window and decide to go back to bed.

6:45 AM I wake up and think, “Why did you not go to the gym and get on the dreadmill?” Which would have been fine with me actually, but I will tell you why I did not go. I hate the dreadmill…with a passion. I only run on the dreadmill if it is below 20 degrees, and that is rare here in Memphis.

I do not mind running in the rain if I am already out and it starts raining, but I have never started a run while it was raining, especially in January! So I guess my confession is more for me to realize that I have to get out and run even when I do not want to. I wake up and it is raining? Then I go to the gym, if not, I hit the streets.

I have to make my doing match my wanting. Does that make sense to anyone?


  1. I am the same way. I get already the night before, set alarm, and I never ever do it. I am a wuss too. So where is the W.A. meetings at now?

  2. It is the eternal struggle...who will win the War of the Sheets? Most days I do, but I will confess to cutting an hour off of a run or ride because I need more sleep to "help me recover."

    You figure it out and send your buddy Mike and email. We will write a book and make millions...

  3. You are not alone! I convinced myself that my legs needed a little more recovery (aka ..sleep) yesterday morning and I'd just do my run after work ... it sounded very sensible when the alarm was beeping at 4:30am!

  4. I think almost anything sounds sensible at 4:30am when it keeps you under the covers. I started running in the middle of the night for a while, just so I wouldn't have to battle myself in the morning. I found it easier to run knowing I could go to sleep right after.


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