Sunday, November 8, 2009

28 Mile Bike, 7 Mile Run & 2 Bugs!

This was a great weekend here in Memphis. Temps were in the 70's both days, so what kind of athlete in training would I be if I sat inside all weekend? So my friend Allen had wanted to go riding on Saturday, and I was up for it. I had not really been on my bike since my last duathlon in late September, except for one 10 mile trainer ride, which doesn't count really. So I was itching to go out and ride. We did a course I was not really familiar with, which ended up being 27.8 miles. We finished in 1:33 and I really felt good about that time, but most importantly, I felt good riding.

Everything was going smooth until mile 15, when a bug flew in my mouth. It wasn't a big bug I don't think, but then again I never saw him. I swallowed him. If you have ever swallowed a bug while exercising, you know it is not something you just get over with quickly. I was trying to spit it out for about a mile, much to the anger of the guys riding behind me. (Again, sorry about that guys, thought y'all were further away) I didn't crash, but I was swerving trying to cough up that little bug!

On Sunday, I went for my 7 mile run, which I was worried about after riding the day before, but I felt good again, up until the 1.5 mile mark. I swallowed another bug. This one had to be bigger, cause I was gagging. 1.5 miles from my house is right about the parking lot of the workout center I use, so it was great almost coughing up a lung in the parking lot. Again, I tried and tried to spit it out, cause you start thinking stuff like "does it have a stinger? Could it sting my throat? Could it climb its way back up my throat? Is that possible? I feel it, it's close, I think I can hawk it up!"

Maybe my height has my mouth at the optimal height for insect flight? I then tried the rest of my run to breath with my mouth closed, which was a challenge! So until I learn that, I hope they were healthy protein filled bugs, or maybe I will get my spider senses soon!


  1. Nice workouts! All I can say about the bugs is good protein! :) hehe

  2. It was really embrassing choking athe gym parking lot! I am sure people thought I was a first time runner that overdid it and was about to crash out in the parking lot!

    Thanks for reading!


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