Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Name my Ride...

In September, I bought a new bike. The bike I had served me very well and I did almost 10 tris and dus on it, but it was not your typical road or tri bike. I called her Blue (because she was blue). I bought her online from a major retailer. This was really my first road bike, and I did not want to spend alot of money on the bike, since I was just starting to get into triathlons and I wanted to make sure was going to continue racing. My wife also did not want me spending alot of money, so I bought a GMC Denali bike. It weighed about 30lbs! I made it work, I always preached that it was the engine that made the bike go, not the parts. Man, was I wrong!

A buddy of mine had a bike he wasn't using, in fact he had only ridden it a few times. He knew I was racing and he let me borrow it, no test ride it. I liked it...alot. The bike was 12lbs lighter than mine, and I found it was alot easier to maintain a higher speed, meaning I did not have to work as hard. So we agreed on a price and I bought the ol girl from him. Here is a picture:

I am working on my photography!

It is a Cannondale R1000 Caad3 bicycle. It is a few years old, but it is in perfect, almost non ridden shape. It is a greenish/purple color to it depending on the light at the time.

I took it to my LBS (local bike shop) and got it fitted for me, which was the first time I ever had a fitting, and it rocks! I added some Look pedals and it came with Profile Butterfly aero bars (which took some time to get used to honestly). The elbow rests fold out, so it took a few rides for me to get comfortable in the aero position. The fitting really made all that very comfortable. The guy said his job was "to take all the excuses away from the bike!"
I will admit that this bike is so much easier to ride than the Denali, and it is just smoother all around, but I am glad I biked those races with a "lesser" bike, because I think it makes me appreciate this one more. I also enjoyed passing the pretty boys on their high $$ bikes on the Denali! I expect to see my bike times get faster, and also my runs, because with the proper fitting, it makes everything work smoother.

Now my only issue: Is what do I call her?? If you have a suggestion, leave me a comment!


  1. How about "Bessie?"

    Or "Old Greenish/Purpleish"

    "Rosebud," "Wonderbat," "Fasterpiece"

    Whatever you end up calling it...nice ride, Broseph!


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