Thursday, November 5, 2009

I am looking for 1 Pig and 1 Cow!??!!!

If you read this blog, you know that I once again missed the cutoff for the Memphis Marathon in Dec. I went to sign up in late September and was shocked to see that it had sold out of the half marathon already. Last year I tried to sign up in late October, so I thought I was safe. WRONG!

So since I can't run it, I want to participate and I need two amigos who are willing to dress up in costumes and make asses out of themselves. Here's some background...

There is a hilarious blog that I read named Steve in a Speedo?! Gross (link to the right). This guy lives in Minnesota and is also into multi sports. He seems to be more of a run specialist and judging by his times, he is crazy fast compared to anything I will ever post! Anyways, after running a 10 mile race, him and his bros-in-law decided to cheer on the marathon racers in a different way than most people. In fact, here is the video of them.

This cracks me up everytime! Anyways, Steve (talkin like I know him, but I don't)has received another copycat type video of other people doing this at a different marathon, I think it was done in Iowa. He thought it would be great to see this catch on and spread throughout the country, and I agree! So I am looking for 2 other souls to go out and have a good time Dec 5 at the St Jude's/Memphis Marathon!

If interested, email me! we can keep your name out of it if you do not wish to be identified...


  1. I REALLY hope you find some takers of this!!! You'll have a blast!! One of my brother-in-laws (the pig) is a little more reserved, and he loves being in that outfit and letting loose!!

    If you do this, you need to have something with a "mascot head" so your face isn't exposed. It lets you be a little more crazy without feeling bad because no one can see your face.

    And yeah, that video still cracks up my wife everytime she sees it!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I hope you found other people to join you in making people smile! Today is the Ironman, and my brother and I are whipping out our Halloween costumes, to cheer on the runners! Can't wait to make them smile.

  3. Again, thanks for the idea Steve!

    Tri Queen, thanks for reading. I am really hoping it works out and we can do it, if nothing else I might have to see about getting my boys (8 and 10) to go out with me!

    I am curious as to how you stumbled across my little blog!


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