Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yeah, I got ink done....

I got my one and only tattoo a few years ago. It was something I had wanted to do for awhile, but never did until I heard someone speak about procrastination, and that is what finally made me decide to go ahead and get it done. Now this speaker was our Sunday School teacher and I am positive that he never intended to send out the message I took from it, but that's how my tattoo happened.

I like my tattoo. It s something very simple, just my initials. I really doubt that I go for another tattoo, unless I finish an Ironman, then I will get that tattoo. I do not think a lot of tattoos look good on a person, but a tattoo placed in the right sport, of the right can look cool. The other day I ran across this site which had the most idiotic tattoos on it that I wanted to post. So enjoy...

Brilliant tattoo guy, hope you do not plan on doing any flying anytime soon!

What do you want to bet that this guy was drunk when this happened? I sure hope he was drunk!

This one is clever, doll's knees! Can't see where it is practical, but it is better than a cat's buthole!

Handlebars? Hmmmm Whatever could this be a symbol for? Any ideas???

Again, this one is clever, shows that she can laugh at her seriously screwed up toes!

Yeah right, Dude, I feel sorry for the tattoo artist!

And just so you know, none of those tattoos are mine!

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