Friday, September 11, 2009

It Fits Baby!

Today i went and got a professional fitting for my new bike. I bought a Cannondale R1000 Caad3 off a guy from work. It is a great bike and it is 12lbs lighter than my old bike, so I am looking to pick up some speed.

I have never had a professional fitting before, so I was looking forward to it. Here is basically what he fixed:

Shoes/Pedals: He made sure the cleats were in the correct part of the shoe and then that the pedals and shoes aligned perfectly. At first my right shoe was rubbing the crank every time I peddled, but he got it worked out.

Handlebars/Aero bars: He made sure the handlebars were at the proper height and that they were turned up the right way, also measured to make sure the aerobars were in the right spot and that I could get to them easily without flopping down on them. We spaced out the pads on the bars to open my chest up for easier breathing. This made alot of difference, because the bike should be about the legs and not pressure on my arms while riding.

Seat Height/ leg extension: He got the seat the perfect height and made sure the saddle was level the way I needed it. He measured my leg extension to 153 degrees, which again felt really comfortable. I had to give up alittle of the good position in aero to achieve the right fit for a road bike, which is OK since the majority of the time I will not be in aero position.

It is really amazing how much faster I felt after the adjustments and how much easier it was to get to that speed. I really was not sure what to expect, but it was worth every penny.

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