Friday, September 4, 2009

I read an article in the paper the other that at first I thought was funny, but then it kinda rubbed me the wrong way. The story happened in Bartlett, TN and involved a speeding ticket and 95 $1 money orders. Let em explain...

Patrick Martinez of somewhere in Texas got a speeding ticket in Bartlett. The ticket ended up costing him $95, which he paid in $1 money orders. 95 of them. Martinez claims he had no issue paying for the ticket in that fashion, even thought some clerk would have to process each and every ticket, but this was his way of fighting the system and sticking it to the man!

We have all heard the stories of people paying fines in change or something odd, but this was the first time Bartlett had received pay in the likes. Martinez said that he thought about paying the fine in 50-cent denominations, but he was glad he decided on the dollar versions because it hand hurt bad enough from signing all 95 of them. Again, I have no problem with this, although it sounds a little wimpy to complain about hand cramps whenever you are trying to be tough, but hey, that's his thing.

So here is where I have a problem with Martinez's thought process. You have to go back to the reason dude was stopped and ticketed. He was going 57 mph in a 40 mph zone!!!

his defense you might ask?? He was in a rental car, from out of town and his company's VP and 3 District managers were with him. He said he was "discombobulated and hoped for some understanding". Who says discombobulated anyways? I have written that word for the first two times in my life tonight.

"...rather than give me a warning, he chose to help make city revenue and his quota for the end of the month" said Martinez. SHUT UPPPP!!!!! I guess since you are from Texas, we should not have you worry about our little laws since you were from out of town! Or maybe we should let everyone from out of town do whatever they want too.

See at first I thought this was funny, but now I see it as someone who thinks they were wronged and should get a pass. Well, I revoke all passes for Texans, or anyone with the name of Martinez. I do not care if you got pulled over with your bosses in the car, and no one else does either. The 95 $1 money orders was funny at first until the whole story was told and it now makes you look like a baby, crying that you were cheated because you did not like the rules.


  1. I can't stand crap like that. I can't stand Christians who have strings of speeding tickets and think it is no big deal.
    People have such an entitlement problem- we are NOT allowed to break the law- even if we woke up late that morning or have our bosses in the car.

    Another thing that drives me INSANE is when people lie about their childrens ages to get cheaper prices. Or insurance their teenagers on cars they don't drive to save money- that isn't being thrifty it is INSURANCE FRAUD.

    People are so selfish.They don't want to pay the consequences of anything. Suck it up people. I don't get speeding tickets ever...know why? I DONT SPEED.

  2. Preach on Girl!!!


  3. He honestly thought he should get out of the ticket b/c his bosses were in the car? How discombobulated could he be (love the word, by the way).
    I've paid my fair share of speeding tickets. I pay them b/c I know I deserved them. I was speeding. I write my check & go on my merry little way.
    It truly seems like today's society thinks they should be able to do whatever they want & not deal with the consequences.

  4. Natalie, that story was taken from the Commeercial Appeal, and I hate to say, but they used the word discombobulated in the article, it's a quote.

    And I have said it many times to my wife that the problem with memphis and America for that part is that people seem to think they are all entitled to be treated differently than the rest of us.


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