Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Inner Hulkster Came Out Brother!

I tend to collect T-shirts. Over the years from all the races, basketball tournaments or just random clothing I have bought, I have ended up with a lot of t-shirts. If I like a T-short, then I hold on to that shirt, and when I say I hold on to it, I HOLD on to it. The one I had on today, I have had for over 20 years, and I know this because the shirt has a date on it. In my eyes I know what I went through in that race or tournament to get that shirt, and I do not want to give it up!

Now these shirts do go through considerable wear and tear, fading and such, but I still wear them. I have found a way that I get to keep them, still wear them and people say nothing, except for the wife. My solution? I cut off the sleeves of these shirts, which make them even more AWESOME! In my eyes.

Anyways, I wrote this blog bite because my wife got on to me for wearing an old sleeveless, grey GAP t-shirt that was over 20 years old. It had a few little holes in it, but otherwise fit good! (Can you still wear something from 20 years ago??) My wife is always saying I should throw my sleeveless old shirts away, which I resist. She will deny this, but I know she hid one of my favorite sleeveless shirts (a tan Polo that I de-sleeved due to a ink pen incident and come to think of it, I am missing a white sleeveless polo shirt. Hmmm)

So my wife again said that I needed to get rid of this old GAP shirt, so with hesitation, I gave it the old Hulk Hogan maneuver. Now we have all seen the Hulkster rip his shirts in the ring with ease (due to him having the biggest arms in the world!), and we all said "Big deal, I can do that". But we all marveled at the artistry when the Hulkster did it.

And that is when it happened. My inner Hulkster came out, and it was glorious! I threw my head back and put one foot up on the chair like it was on a ring rope, and I grabbed my frayed collar and I slowly ripped it, and I made sure it looked like the shirt was made out of the hardest toughest material known to man! I ripped straight through that shirt with all the artistry and production of any WWE moment out there.

Well, I have to tell ya it was AWESOME! I now know why the Hulkster would stand up on the ring corner and slowly rip that shirt in two! My GAP shirt split right down the middle, right between the G and AP! Oh Yeah Baby!! I want to rip more!, and I could tell that my wife was digging it too, but she didn't want to show it, but I knew! I am sure she will never admit this and will deny it if anyone asks her! But I know, Wink wink!

All in all the shirt was not lost because after I had ripped through it I realized that now I had a rockin cool sleeveless grey GAP vest!
Which I bet goes missing very soon!

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