Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Here is my thoughts on Brett Favre. Stay retired. DO not let this saga take away from your storybook career. I want to remember Favre as the guy who butted heads with Warren Sapp, as the guy who ran down the field after throwing a touchdown to celebrate like a JR. High QB, as the guy that you always knew would play the game for free, just because it looked like he loved it that much!

Additional addage: Well, it looks like Favre is now a New York Football Jet, and Chad Pennington is out of a job. What a tough line of work to be in and to be dumped that quickly is something huh?


  1. I could not agree with you any more. I know he played for the Falcons for a season or two, but Brett Favre is the face of the Packers. I don't think I (or hopefully anyone who calls themselves a fan of pro football in this country) could think Favre without thinking of the Pack, or vice versa.

    As weird as it would've been to see him in a Bears or Vikes jersey, at least there would've been some "revenge" type aspect to him still playing in the NFC North. Now it looks like he's Tampa Bay bound and will end his career in relative obscurity. Remember Joe Montana fading away with the Chiefs? I think this will go down the same way. In a couple of years (if that long) Brett will sign a "one-day" contract with Green Bay so he can officially retire as a Packer. Weird.

  2. Montana is a great example. Also I always thought that Jordon should not have comeback with the Wizards. Sometimes seeing them in another uniform is just plain wrong.

    Well, looks like Favre is going from Green Bay to Tampa Bay now!


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