Monday, July 7, 2008

Vacation is OVER!

Well I am back from vacation. It was a good vacation too! We did Disney, and we did the beach. we saw movies (wall-E and Hancock) and went to a beach wedding. We ate Rock Shrimp (ask me about this!), crab legs and cod sandwiches! I swam my laps and ran my miles on the beach. We body surfed, we Boogie boarded, we skim boarded, we fished, we also kayaked. We shot fireworks off over the ocean. We went to the 3rd largest Flea Market in the USA. All in all it was a good trip!

I have some things I want to blog about from our vacation, and I have a major announcement to make, so stay tuned!


  1. How were Wall-e and Hancock? I've heard good things about the Wall-e, but only so-so about Hancock?

    Whats teh deal with rock shrimp? Like crawfish? I like shrimp, but have never had crawfish, though i hear I would like them.

    Also, whats teh major announcement? Preggo?

  2. How was Wall-E and Hancock??? Well I can tell you I did not like Wall-E at all, but my kids and wife liked it, too much robot love for me to handle!

    Hancock was good for about 45 minutes, then it got twisted and they did not really explain some things very well which kind of screwed it up for me.

    Rock Shrimp?? New entry is coming!

    And as for the announcement, you'll have to wait until late Sunday night for it to be published!


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